News Release

Southern Virginia University Remembers Ardeth Greene Kapp

Sister Ardeth Greene Kapp
Ardeth Greene Kapp poses for a photo in Main Hall 205 after the classroom was dedicated to her

Southern Virginia University is saddened by the passing of former Young Women General President Ardeth Greene Kapp, a beloved friend and long-time supporter of our institution.

“Ardeth Kapp’s remarkable ability to see the potential in everyone and her genuine desire to make others feel valued and uplifted will leave a lasting impression for generations,” said President Bonnie H. Cordon. “She knew the Savior and dedicated her life to helping others know Him. We will deeply miss her.”

Kapp’s service on the university’s board of trustees from 1997–2000 and 2007–08 brought many gifts and blessings to the Southern Virginia University community. In gratitude for her longtime dedication and administration, classroom Main Hall 205 was named the “Ardeth Greene Kapp Classroom” in April 2018.

An uplifting and inspiring speaker, Kapp addressed students, faculty, staff, and visitors at various conferences and gatherings over the years. In one memorable speech to the Southern Virginia’s Women’s Association for Professional Development in 2018, Kapp used the university’s mission to teach on divine heritage and the magnitude and importance of communication. 

“You have to work on gathering together,” she said. “Then we talk to each other and we lift, and then something wonderful happens and we launch, and we see life in a different way.” 

Ardeth Greene Kapp’s life and contributions are a testament to her profound faith and unwavering dedication to serving others. Further details regarding her life and work can be found on Church News.