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Classroom Dedicated to Honor Ardeth Kapp

Southern Virginia University leaders honored Ardeth Kapp, former General Young Women’s President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and long-time board of trustees member at the University, with a classroom dedicated in her name on Friday, April 13.

Classroom 205 in historic Main Hall will now be known as the “Ardeth Greene Kapp Classroom.” At Friday’s University Convocation, Director of Advancement Todd Brotherson announced to students that it was chosen, “in recognition of the many gifts and blessings that have come from her administration here at [Southern Virginia] as well as in the church and throughout the world.”

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“Every so often there is a leader that comes along who changes the way we think about things,” University President Reed N. Wilcox added, noting that the Young Women’s official theme, values, Personal Progress program and other significant advancements came about due to Sister Kapp’s leadership. “It is a thrill to be with her.”

At the conclusion of the announcement, Sister Kapp spoke briefly about the current period of advancements for Southern Virginia and for the Church. She received a standing ovation of gratitude from students, faculty and staff.

Kapp also spoke Thursday night at a meeting for Southern Virginia’s Women’s Association for Professional Development, attended by women and men from the University as well as the surrounding area in the Buena Vista Stake.

Teaching about divine heritage and the magnitude and importance of communication, she explained, “You have to work on gathering together. Then we talk to each other and we lift, and then something wonderful happens and we launch, and we see life in a different way.”

Kapp encouraged the attendees to not only communicate and minister with one another, but also to make sure they constantly communicate with their Heavenly Father and with the Spirit.

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She illustrated this principle with a story of a time when the batteries in her husband’s hearing aids died and he was unable to hear her speak. “If you are not hearing the spirit, it is not that Heavenly Father doesn’t want us or want to get through to us,” she said. “But, if we don’t keep our batteries charged then the communication line is not open.”

At the end of the meeting, Kapp invited those in attendance to recite the Young Women’s Theme with her as she explained the importance of every section. The experience was special for many in attendance who grew up reciting the Theme, which Kapp helped create over thirty years earlier.