The Life-Changing Power of Scholarships

Aligned with the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Southern Virginia University provides faithful Latter-day Saints and like-minded students with a premium education at a private university at less than half the price of comparable private colleges and universities.

In addition to affordable tuition, Southern Virginia offers nearly $6 million in tuition discounts every year, awarded to more than 95% of students in the form of institutional scholarships and aid. Below are four stories of students who have received university-funded scholarships and how it has enhanced their educational experiences.

Kai Barton (’25)

Kai Barton (‘25) | Psychology Major from Tooele, UT

An active participant on campus, Kai Barton (‘25) has served as the freshman class vice president and as the vice president of student relations in the Southern Virginia Student Association, as well as a wellness intern. Initially planning to attend a local junior college due to financial concerns, Barton’s admissions counselor worked closely with her in securing University scholarships, enabling her to attend Southern Virginia.

“I’m paying my own way through college, so having scholarships has really helped ease my mind on my finances and I’ve been able to focus a lot more time on student government and other campus activities,” said Barton. “Scholarships are meant to help students be able to dedicate more time and focus to their academic work. That’s what they’ve done for me and I’m so grateful for it.”

Nick Baker (’23)

Nick Baker (‘23) | Business Management and Leadership Major from Los Angeles, CA

Initially planning to attend Brigham Young University, Nick Baker’s (‘23) plans changed when he received a performing arts scholarship from Southern Virginia University, allowing him to join the University’s a cappella group, Accolade. During his undergraduate career, Baker has been a member of the men’s golf team, founded the pickleball club, and participated in several RAM clinics with the Pre-Health Professional program.

“The biggest help from receiving scholarships was that they made it much easier for me to not have to worry so much about how I was going to pay for school,” said Baker. “I could focus on my education while also taking advantage of several extracurriculars, like Accolade, to round out my education.”

Tapaita Daligdig (’25)

Tapaita Daligdig (‘25) | Family and Human Development Major from Gilbert, AZ

Tapaita Daligdig (‘25), is a member of the Polynesian Heritage Association and the cheer team, and works at Student Life with plans to pursue speech pathology after graduation. After an injury prevented her from participating in cheer, Tapaita credits the scholarships she received from the University for helping support her financially and allowing her to remain in school.

“If it wasn’t for scholarships, I wouldn’t have been able to receive an education at Southern Virginia, which is what I really wanted,” said Daligdig. “I always wanted to be in a community that revolved around loving one another and my faith, but was small as well, and Southern Virginia is that perfect place.” 

Ethan Campbell (’24)

Ethan Campbell (‘24) | Political Science Major from Centerville, UT

After transferring to Southern Virginia University his sophomore year, the university scholarships Ethan Campbell (‘24) received motivated him to focus on his academics, and he now plans to attend law school after graduation. Currently the supervisor of the call center and a data analyst for admissions, Campball has also participated on the University’s men’s golf and tennis teams and is a member of the pre-law club.

“After getting married and moving across the country to attend Southern Virginia, receiving scholarships has changed the way I look at school,” said Campbell. “It’s helped me to stay focused on all my classes, work hard, and be very meticulous with my studies, which has really helped me prepare for my future.”

Southern Virginia University’s generous institutional scholarships and aid includes academic scholarships, need-based aid, performance scholarships, missionary service scholarship, and seminary scholarships, which are all funded through the General Scholarship fund. To make a donation, simply complete the University’s secure donation form and select “Scholarship Fund.”