Meet the Class of 2026

Over 400 new freshmen from all over the nation have gathered on Southern Virginia University’s campus for an incredible academic year. Meet five of our new Knights below and learn what brought them to Southern Virginia University.

Donovan Thornock | Richmond, Va.

Intended area of study: Computer Science and Music

Encouraged by his family to attend Southern Virginia University, Donavan is now a member of the Knights Marching Band as a tubaist. He enjoys playing various instruments, making music, and playing games, and is excited to discover his academic interests and make new friends.

I’m really enjoying marching band. We have several songs that we’ve been practicing that are really good, and it’s just been really fun being a part of the band, marching around with my tuba.

Donovan Thornock (’26)

Aurora Hanchett | Mesa, Ariz.

Intended area of study: Psychology and Art

Coming to Southern Virginia University to join the track team, Aurora is also an artist and participates in competitive Olympic weightlifting. She’s looking forward to the track season and enjoying the stunning fall weather in Virginia. 

The University recruited me for track, so I came out and toured the school, and decided that this was where I wanted to go. I’m really liking it here, and I’m learning a lot. 

Aurora Hanchett (’26)

Isaiah Bell | Loganville, Ga.

Intended area of study: Business

Isaiah enjoys cooking, exercising, playing video games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, and watching anime. Since coming to Southern Virginia University, he has also started attending the weekly swing dance club and is looking forward to learning more about college life and participating in athletic and campus events.

What drew me to Southern Virginia was that it…had small class sizes. I heard about SVU from some friends from church and did some research on it, and I’m really enjoying it here.

Isaiah Bell (’26)

Amy Frost | Ogden, Utah

Intended area of study: Business and Leadership

Amy has played lacrosse for six years and loves spending time with her friends and family. After being spiritually inspired to attend Southern Virginia, she is excited to form more friendships here on campus.

When I saw that SVU was [aligned] with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and looked into all of the other great things they provide, I knew that I totally had to go here.

Amy Frost (’26)

Easton Wright | Memphis, Tenn. 

Intended area of study: Clinical Psychology 

Easton plays the bassoon and the saxophone for the Knights Marching Band, concert band, and pep band. In addition to music, he is passionate about landscape photography, cars, and the outdoors.

I wanted to be in a faith-aligned school [and] through word of mouth my mom heard about SVU. I’m enjoying all my professors, and I’m really enjoying my freshman composition class and how we are able to have civil conversations on sensitive topics.

Easton Wright (’26)