News Release

Healthy Campus Action Items for Spring 2022

Today the COVID Resource Center issued the following letter:

Dear Knights,

We are excited to have all of you back on campus for an exciting spring semester! Please take a moment to review the following action items designed to help protect our campus community:

  1. If You’re Feeling Sick, Please Stay Home. If you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or any other illness, please stay home to help minimize virus spread. In these cases, please proactively reach out to your professors to inform them of your situation. Professors will work with you to accommodate illness-related absences and provide appropriate measures to catch up. You can also watch live classes virtually via Zoom.
  2. Report Your Symptoms. Please report any COVID-19 related symptoms to the COVID Resource Center by emailing or call in at 540-261-8414. The CRC will then contact you with specific directions based on your situation. With limited tests available due to the emergence of Omicron, the CRC will need to prioritize testing for individuals with severe symptoms. If your symptoms are relatively mild, the CRC will likely direct you to test at a local medical provider or to conduct an at-home test.*
  3. Boost for Full Vaccination Status. The Virginia Department of Health and NCAA recently updated their definitions of “fully vaccinated” to require the booster vaccine for eligible individuals. If you are eligible for the booster—at least six months since you were vaccinated—please boost your vaccine to maintain your status as “fully vaccinated” (and avoid quarantining for five days if you are considered a close contact).
  4. Mask if Non-vaccinated. If you are not yet vaccinated and your health allows, please consider vaccination in consultation with a competent medical professional. Until you are fully vaccinated, please continue to mask indoors. Free masks are available at the front desk in the lobby of Main Hall and in the Student Life House. For more details about campus requirements during the pandemic, please see our Healthy Campus Plan.

The goal for spring is to continue more normal operations as far as pandemic conditions allow, and we are optimistic about this semester! With your help, we can continue to make our campus a refuge from the pandemic storm. Please be safe and smart to protect yourself and others.


The COVID Resource Center
Southern Virginia University

*At-home tests can be found at local pharmacies, Amazon, and a limited amount will soon be sold at Hilltop Marketplace. The cost of self-tests should be covered by most insurance plans.