News Release

Southern Virginia University Receives, Shares Large Donation of Hand Sanitizer

10,080 gallons of hand sanitizer delivered to campus

Buena Vista, Va.—Thanks to a generous donation of more than 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, Southern Virginia University—and benefactor K2 Pure Solutions—were able to share thousands of gallons of sanitizer with the local community to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“Hand sanitizer can be expensive and difficult to find, especially in this quantity,” said Vice President of Operations Art Furler. “This donation is a massive blessing; we are really grateful.” 

Mike Cordova—the parent of a current Southern Virginia student who played a key role in the initial donation—is the vice president of finance at K2 Pure Solutions, a manufacturer of hand sanitizer based in California. When an issue arose with the fulfillment of one of the company’s large shipments, Cordova graciously reached out to see if the University could make use of the excess product. 

Thanks to Cordova’s and K2 Pure Solutions’ generosity and resourcefulness, Southern Virginia University was able to use a small portion of the total donation—a couple hundred gallons—to stock the dozens of hand sanitizers placed around its campus to help encourage frequent hand cleaning and thereby reduce virus spread. Additionally, the University was able to distribute more than 9,800 gallons of the remaining donated sanitizer to local businesses throughout Rockbridge County. 

Volunteers unload the truck to deliver hand sanitizer to the community.

“We always want to be good neighbors and to do our part to help protect our community,” said University spokesperson Chris Pendleton. “By sharing this generous gift that we received with our community, we hope to help provide just one more way for people to protect themselves.”

The list of community organizations to benefit from K2 Pure Solutions’ generous donation includes Rockbridge County Schools, the City of Lexington, Parry McCluer Middle and High Schools, small businesses like the Buena Vista Baptist Church, and 24 other local organizations.