Official Statement

Easter is All About Peace and Hope

“Easter is all about Peace and Hope.” As usual, President Nelson captures the heart of things, helping us “always remember Him.” Please watch this brief Easter video—a beautiful testimony from a remarkable prophet.

Some years ago, while a mission president in the South of France, Elder Nelson visited our Nice, France Stake conference. We drove to the Saturday meetings and had the opportunity to work with him that afternoon, first as translator and then helping teach the training session. During that meeting our sons Dallin and Lincoln (then 11 and 9 years old) were in the garden. Standing outside the great glass doors that opened from the chapel, Dallin pointed to President Nelson and told Lincoln, “There is an Apostle of Jesus Christ.” Both boys said they felt a distinct, special feeling.

The next day well over a thousand French members traveled hours to the Sunday session. As Elder Nelson began speaking, he paused after each sentence to allow time for translation. However, after just two or three minutes he paused, thanked his interpreter, and suggested he sit. Everyone leaned forward, not quite sure what was happening.

Elder Nelson then spoke without notes for 25 minutes in flawless, perfect French. Not just perfect vocabulary and grammar…the cadence, the intonation, the pronunciation, the pauses—everything was perfect. The members were silent, wondering how this could be possible. I knew Elder Nelson had briefly studied French and other languages, but this French was better than native. It was perfect. A brilliant mind, brilliantly attuned to the Spirit.

At that same time our neighboring Toulouse District was working to become a stake. President Nelson promised the bishops of the Nice Stake that great blessings would follow if they had courage to invite every young man— active or not—to prepare and serve a full-time mission. I immediately felt prompted to share this promise with our District branch presidents. They listened, exercised faith, and followed the counsel. A year later, 27 missionaries were serving from the Toulouse District—more than from any stake in Western Europe—and the Toulouse Stake was approved, blessed by President Nelson’s prophetic counsel.

He is a brilliant M.D./Ph.D., cardiac surgeon, professor, leader, father, and friend to all who know him—a man for all seasons. He is a prophet for our time. He speaks with great wisdom. He speaks with a prophet’s voice. Please watch this Easter video and prepare for Easter and General Conference. What a blessing to hear him, his counselors, and the Twelve. There is nothing like it in all the world.

We love you, we love President Nelson, and we love the Lord. And we thank thee, O God, for a prophet! Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy General Conference.

Reed N. Wilcox