Five Tips for Learning at Home

College from home is very different from life on campus. To help you succeed while learning online, we came up with a few tips to consider during the next few months.

Stick to a Routine

Routines are important for minimizing stress, managing anxiety, and developing good habits. With daily life disrupted by COVID-19, maintaining some of your same routines will help you stay grounded. Continue to wake up early, shower, and get dressed for the day; these subtle changes in the morning will help get you in the mindset for studying. Try to set aside specific times for classes and homework, as well as time for meals and relaxation. Most importantly, make sure you are getting enough sleep—for most people this means eight to nine hours every night!

Establish a Dedicated Workspace

If possible, find a space in your home where you are able to maintain focus and declare it your workspace. Try setting up a table or desk near natural light, preferably by a window. Make the space yours by adding a couple of decorations, photos, or a plant. This dedicated space will help eliminate distractions and help you stay in “learning mode.” 

Cancel Out Distractions

Try not to get distracted by technology. For example, set aside time during breaks to reply to texts and scroll through social media. When you are studying, silence your phone or store it in a drawer. You may also want to silence messaging on your iPad or turn off social media notifications. Make sure you have everything you need at your desk, including snacks and water, so when you are “in-class” you can be fully focused and free of disruptions.

Communicate with Your Classmates and Professors

Maintaining social connections with others is critical during these times of social distancing. While your professors are no longer in the same classroom, they are still only an email or a Zoom call away. Often when you can’t speak in-person, important communications and subtle cues can get lost in translation. Aim to over-communicate to avoid this mistake and finish out the semester strong. Reaching out to your classmates to discuss what you learned or to ask questions is another great way to maintain social connection and stay engaged.

Take a Break

Make sure to take regular breaks from your screen. Have a conversation with a friend or family member, grab a snack, or go outside and take a walk to get some fresh air. Exercising regularly is a great way to take a break while increasing energy, improving sleep, and regulating your mood.

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