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Coming Home to Crimson: Southern Virginia Announces Return to its Heritage Color

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In an open letter to students, faculty, and staff, Southern Virginia University President Reed N. Wilcox announced “the University is coming home to crimson” as its official heritage color. Crimson was the University’s initial primary color for eight years after its renewal in 1996.

“With full support of the Board of Trustees and the Founders of the University, the school brand and athletics program will start a transition this fall to our heritage color — crimson,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox, who spent much of his career as a brand consultant as a partner of the Boston Consulting Group, emphasized the color’s role as a vital component of brand identity. According to Wilcox, the university’s brand image should reflect the visual associations that visitors make while on campus.

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“Ideally, the color of our school branding and athletics should be totally consistent, and totally authentic — the heritage color people associate with Southern Virginia,” Wilcox explained. “Crimson is distinctively our color — the most memorable visual impression of our school, the iconic color of Main Hall and our campus.

The announcement also included the unveiling of a new University visual identity, including a new University Seal, a new primary logo featuring the school’s iconic Main Hall Tower, and two new athletic logos — a stand-alone Knight logo, as well as a new “shield” featuring the Knight logo at the center surrounded by the words, “Southern Virginia Knights.” According to the University’s new Brand Standards, the shield can also be modified to replace “Knights” with a specific sport name such as “Football” or “Lacrosse.”

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While new logos and crimson uniforms have already started circulating among the University’s athletic teams, Wilcox explained that not all changes will occur immediately.

“This will be a gradual transition, beginning with athletic uniforms that are ordered annually; other equipment will be replaced in due time,” said Wilcox. “Larger projects, such as repainting the logo on the floor of Knight Arena and Knight Stadium turf field, will take place over the next year or two.”

Although the transition will take some time to fully implement, Wilcox feels confident that the return to crimson is ideal for Southern Virginia’s future.

“I realize change can sometimes be challenging, but I am absolutely confident this is for the best going forward,” Wilcox affirmed. “It’s time to update our brand and move from the green to the authentic heritage color of the university.”