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President Wilcox and Dr. Siabi to Speak at Forum on December 9

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Southern Virginia University President Reed. N Wilcox and Dr. Nasser Siabi, CEO and co-founder of Microlink, will speak at the final forum of the fall semester on Friday, Dec. 9, at 11 a.m. in the Stoddard Center.

After receiving a Ph.D. in Electronics and Computer Science from Southampton University, Dr. Siabi co-founded Microlink — one of the world’s largest independent companies specializing in assistive learning technology. Under Dr. Siabi’s leadership, Microlink has received multiple awards and recognitions including Best Small and Medium Enterprise in 2012.

For his pioneering work in assistive learning technology, Dr. Nasser Siabi has received numerous honors, including Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for his exceptional services to people who live and work with disabilities, as well as the Outstanding Lifetime Contribution in the field of Dyslexia Award.

Dr. Siabi has been at the forefront of disabilities support and is one of the founding members of the British Dyslexic Association (BDA), the Disabilities Student Allowance Scheme (DSA-QAG), the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) and the Business Disabilities Forum (BDF) — all of which are dedicated to equality in all aspects of a personal and working life

Community members and Southern Virginia faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend campus forums and devotionals each Friday morning at 11 a.m. in the Stoddard Center. Recordings of past forum and devotional speeches may be accessed on