University Designates Home for Alumni Association

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The Southern Virginia University Alumni Association has a new home.

The Fawson House has been renamed the Fawson Alumni House and renovations on the house are underway. A new heating and air-conditioning system already has been added and other improvements are in process.

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Kindee Dixon, president of the Southern Virginia University Alumni Association, said that she is thrilled that the university has designated a gathering place for alumni.

“For some time now, we have wanted a place for the alumni to be able to gather during trips to the university,” Dixon said. “We wanted a house as close to campus as possible, so when the Fawson House became available, we were so grateful.”

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In addition to serving as a gathering place, Dixon said that the house will be used for alumni association offices, meetings, and in the future, rooms may be rented out to alumni who want to stay on campus when they visit.

The Fawson Alumni House was named for former Southern Virginia University president E. Curtis Fawson. According to John Feinauer, alumni relations coordinator, the house was originally built around 1900 as a private residence and was later used as an eatery for Southern Seminary students. Eventually, the house was split into two separate apartments and served as housing for faculty. In recent years, the house was used for Southern Virginia University men’s housing. At the end of last semester, the Fawson Alumni House was used to display the senior art exhibit.

Feinauer offered some details about future improvements.

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“It will either be painted or have siding installed on the outside,” Feinauer said. “It is being repainted on the inside. We’re hoping to completely remodel the kitchen.”

One color under consideration for the home’s exterior is red, to make the house feel like part of campus. Feinauer said that in the future, as funds are raised, the university will renovate the hallways, refinish the wood floor in some rooms, and put down carpet in others. He also said that one alumna has pledged to donate her time and the materials for window drapes for the alumni house.

Feinauer said that the Fawson Alumni House also will contain a Southern Seminary memorial room.

“The memorial room will be a place where the history of the university can be preserved in a way that reflects Southern Seminary,” he said.

The Fawson Alumni House is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All visitors, especially alumni of Southern Seminary or Southern Virginia University, are welcome. For further information email or call 540–261–4004.

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