Executive Council Announces Budget Reduction Measures

Southern Virginia University today announced measures the administration has taken to eliminate a budget shortfall going into the 2010–11 academic year.

The plans, made by the university’s executive council, include eliminating or consolidating several staff positions, discontinuing the golf and track programs, and other strategic measures designed to balance the budget.

“We have not been immune to the economic difficulties that have affected nearly every private- and public-sector organization in the U.S., including colleges and universities,” said Southern Virginia University President Rodney K. Smith. “This is the only way to maintain the vital integrity of our core academic offering without substantially increasing our tuition prices.”

Personnel affected by the changes already have been notified. In addition to providing severance packages, the university will pay for those affected to receive career counseling to help them find new employment opportunities.

“The decisions we have had to make are very difficult,” President Smith said. “But we are confident that these necessary changes will help us move forward and keep us focused on the excellent and unique academic experience we offer our students.”