2010-11 Tuition, Room and Board

Southern Virginia University announced this week tuition, room and board costs for the 2010–11 academic year.

Although many state colleges and universities will see tuition increase percentages in the double digits this year, Southern Virginia will raise tuition for the 2010–11 academic year by 4.7 percent — well below the national average of 8 percent, according to

This increase will bring the sticker price of tuition for fulltime students to $8,900 per semester, a $400 increase. The actual tuition cost for most students is even lower, based on the $4 million in merit, need-based, talent and returned missionary aid awarded by the university to students each year.

Including the coming year, Southern Virginia’s average increase for the last three years is 2.6 percent.

2008–09–0% increase

2009–10–3% increase

2010–11–4.7% increase

“We hope that keeping costs low will help students and their families as they make this life-long investment in an excellent liberal arts education,” said Southern Virginia President Rodney K. Smith.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing rates also will increase slightly for 2010–11, while continuing to provide incremental privileges and decreased costs for upperclassmen. On-campus housing (including room, utilities and Internet) per semester will be $1,600 for first-year students, $1,400 for sophomores, $1,150 for juniors and $1,050 for seniors. All students living in on-campus housing also will pay a $50 fee for unlimited use of our laundry facilities.

Meal Plans: Decreased Prices in the Dining Hall and Café

Southern Virginia will discontinue the dining dollars bonus program and at the same time decrease the price of meals — both in the dining hall and Jonzzey’s Café.

Dining Hall: Breakfast will be $4.50; lunch and dinner will be $5.50 each.

Jonzzey’s Café: Prices for next year will be decreased, but have not yet been finalized.

Administrators also are looking at ways to make students’ campus cards even more useful, by making it possible for students to use their cards to make purchases at the bookstore and pay for entrance to on-campus activities, along with using it to purchase meals in the dining hall and café.

Dining Dollars Plus: Unlimited Access to the Dining Hall, Plus $100 of Campus Cash

Students who purchase the Dining Dollars Plus package will have unlimited access to the Dining Hall during its open hours, meaning students can go in as often as they choose for a meal, drink or just a snack. Dining Dollars Plus also provides the flexibility of $100 of Campus Cash for use in Jonzzey’s Café and other areas on campus. The cost of the Dining Dollars Plus program for the 2010–11 academic year is $1,400 per semester.

Summer Term Tuition and Housing

Tuition will not change for the university’s increasingly popular summers terms (May, June and August) in 2010. The cost will remain $205 per credit hour. Summer term housing will cost $350 for one term, with a $25 discount per term for the second and third terms attended.

Graduate Sooner and Pay Less

“I am pleased that so many of our students are taking advantage of our four-year graduation guarantee and are graduating in fewer than four years, with many graduating in three years,” said President Smith. “When a student does so, that student enters the marketplace or graduate school sooner and often pays little if any more than is paid in total tuition, room and board by the average graduate of a larger public or private institution where it often takes 5–6 years to graduate.”